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A Bit About Emily

     I have a lifelong love of organization. If you ask my family and close friends, they’ll tell you I’ve always been an organizing addict! I believe we experience a great sense of peace when things are in their places and we’re surrounded by the things we love. Not only does it feel great, it saves time and preserves our sanity knowing where things belong.

     I started Organizing Solutions by Emily to share my passion with clients and to help them achieve a feeling of peace in their homes.

     Prior to becoming a professional organizer, I spent much of my adult life as an educator. I loved helping to guide and inspire people in the learning process. One of my goals is to help clients learn organizing skills that will empower them to maintain organized, peaceful spaces in their homes.

     I enjoy seeing the beauty in things. Having studied Art History for my bachelor’s degree, aesthetics has always been important to me. How things look and feel play a key role in projects with my clients, whether organizing, redesigning a space, or helping to assess their possessions.

     I look forward to working with you!

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